Small/Mini YSL

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  1. Personally I think that YSL bags in small size are cute! Can anyone post me more pictures of YSL in small size, small muse and downtown, even from your great collection? :heart:

    By the way, any idea of how much a small downtown like those Kylie was carrying costs? Or how much would be a muse in small size?
    9937daf2001123db46249333.jpg K_minogue003-712663.jpg YSL.jpg
  2. I am trying to locate a mini muse also. YSL did them last year. This year they only have 3 sizes medium, large & O/S.

    I just bought a mini black patent downtown. It is precious. There is only 3 more left in the US, so hurry to a boutique if you want one.
  3. :wtf:~ only three left in the US!! They are really precious then!! I am not in the US, so probably I guess if I want one I would have to like order it in Hong Kong, don't even know if YSL boutique would order it up... :shrugs:
    Congrats on your new bag! The mini version is really adorable, I wish YSL could continue with the mini... Few days ago at Hong Kong, I saw the latest collection of the YSL bags for the fall/winter, with the Overseas Bag they do have it in small though. :graucho:
  4. Thanks. I paid $1045 for it. The small overseas is a casual looking bag. But, you can use the downtown in the evenings as well.
  5. they have 2 small downtown bags on Bluefly for $876
    Is that what you're looking for? no patent though.
  6. Those are the ones in deerskin, lined with suede. No zippers in the front. I did not like it. I think the front pocket with the zippers is what makes the downtown attractive.
  7. Did you get yours already? If so please post pics. Mine was supposed to arrive last week but there was a MAJOR SHIPPING screwup and it will arrive on Wednesday :smile:.

    Do you love it in person? How much can it hold?
  8. What color is this bag? It's TDF :heart:. Is it a current color?
  9. I aboslutely adore it:love:. I will post some pics later today. I can put in my sunglasses, small wallet, small foldable comb, lipstick, cell phone and car keys. It does not have separate pockets (neither does the muse), just one small pocket which holds the lipstick. I wear a lot of gold jewellery so it goes well.
  10. I think this is olive.
  11. :yahoo:OMG, I'm soooooooooo glad you got yours and are loving it. Please post pics of it - they will tide me over until I get mine on Wednesday :yes:.
  12. Here you go.
    Picture 020.jpg Picture 021.jpg
  13. ^^^^^ Wooooohoooooooooo :woohoo:. Mine is being overnighted tomorrow as I need it by Wednesday - I'm going on an out of town trip and this baby will get some good use.

    Thank you for posting the great pics. I hope you truly are enjoying yours.
  14. lhasalover, thanks for posting ur pics, your bag is absolutely stunning!!
    Molls, please post yours once u have your delivery, please share it with us!! :p
  15. cute bag, congrats!