Small/mini cervo hobo

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  1. 52AE2866-5758-4475-86D0-EFAD08F3C0D5.jpeg Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone has the cervo hobo in this small size or a bag in chamomile? I really wanted the medium size cervo, priced at 2050 or 2150 in the US depending on which site you look at, but it’s a bit big for me and while I love the light weight, I need to carry bags that are smaller and lighter in weight due to shoulder issues (and shoulder surgery). I’ve been carrying the biletto in addition to a tote I carry to work but don’t lug around with me to lunch etc. I don’t carry a laptop or any heavy papers. It looks to me that this bag becomes a hand or arm/elbow carry if you want to use it with a heavier coat. But I live in a mild climate so a heavy coat is not a big concern for me.
    Any thoughts on the shape or color? I do like some bright/ crazy colors in bags and slgs because it adds ‘fun’. I have a cc holder in chamomile and really love it. Thanks!!!
  2. No answers to your questions bc I’ve never tried this on but I just wanted to say that I love the color!! Looks like a great bag.
  3. I do not own it but I tried this, in different color, in store. The length of the strap is just like the ‘iron’ bag and I can comfortably wear it on my shoulder. As per chamomile, I saw a disco chamomile. I really love the color but you might want to try it in person - it may feel different for different skin tone.
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  4. Btw the leather is absolutely amazing - I have new steel tote in this similar cervo leather....
  5. It just looks like such a fun color I’m tempted. My only concern is if it will be bulky under my arm and sort of make my arm stick out if that makes sense.
    I’m glad to hear someone else thinks it’s fun and not just me! LOL
  6. Phiomega, Thanks for the feedback. It reminds me of the iron bag as well. I used to have 3 baseball cervo hobos but had to rehome them because of weight. They were so soft and thick really, so I’m guessing that contributed to weight. I have mostly medium venetas, originally I purchased large but now find those too heavy. Quetsche is available again so if I find a medium veneta I know I’ll want that to replace the large I can’t really carry anymore. I’ll have to check out this cervo bag in person since it is diff from normal for me. Thanks!
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  7. Hi there… I have this bag in the color denim. The leather is so thick and smooshy, and light weight. It can be hand or crook-carried easily and is very ‘grab and go.’ My problem with it is that when it’s loaded up, it protrudes too far out, right under my armpit. It has a ring on each side for a strap so I wear it either with a short, narrow shoulder strap from another bag or a long crossbody chain strap. When I use the short strap, it falls just above my waist and is really comfortable. The handle can lay down directly on the top curve of the bag and it isn’t in the way. In fact, it disappears. I only have a pretty awful mod shot with the crossbody strap, so here you go:
    That chamomile is one of the most unique colors I’ve seen in a bag. It could be stunning. Hope you get to try it out IRL :smile:
  8. Hi westvillage, thanks for the info and pic. I was afraid the part about the arm sticking out when it’s full would be like the iron bag. I don’t have an iron bag but tried it on in store and since this looks like a slightly bigger iron, well ... I don’t really have a longer strap I could use for longer shoulder. I do have a chain strap from a biletto but the hardware color is wrong and I think it might be too long on me. Hmm, I’ll have to think about whether the short strap will drive me crazy. Looks great crossbody on you!