Small-Medium size bag suggestions

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  1. I need an every day shoulder bag that I can carry a wallet, cles, eyeglass case, keys, and an iphone in...

    any suggestions?
  2. Popincourt haut - very nice and not too big, not too small.
  3. I just looked up that bag online and it is great! I might consider it for my medium bag purchase. What styles are you considering?
  4. tivoli, palermo, neo cabby in black, any of the batignolles, neverfull pm or mm
    those are all the ones i like for everyday :p
  5. Batignolles Horizontal or a cabas Piano :biggrin:
  6. rosewood pomme or amarante, madeleine PM in red/black, PH in mono, pap 30 in damier, tulum PM in mono
  7. I bought the Madeleine GM and love it..I am thinking about PM but was wondering if it is strictly a casual bag or could I wear it with a little black dress...would something in vernis be better maybe
  8. Popincourt haut if you like mono and the Madeleine if you like epi. Saleya if you like dameir or azur.
  9. Bh !
  10. I really think the Popincourt Haut is a nice bag. I recently saw one IRL at Hobby Lobby and it looked very comfortable on the lady.
    I saw an Ursula there once too. Who would have thought that Hobby Lobby was a hot spot for LV sightings? :smile:
  11. I think Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haut would be perfect for you!
  12. I have the PH and it is my comfy everyday purse
  13. Batignolles Horizontal, Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haut.
  14. popincourt haut
  15. BH or Popincourt Haut would work for ya.. :upsidedown: