Small/Medium/Large classic flap help please! (pics desperately needed!)

  1. Hi all!!! This is my second post- I'm a serious lurker though :p. I'm looking to buying my first classic flap in caviar leather.. hopefully in PINK! ( I looooove pink. Really, it's a problem! haha) However, I'm confused as to what size I should get. I gathered from the reference library that there are discrepancies as to whether there are four classic flap sizes or three. Either way, it seems as though there is only an inch difference between the sizes (minus jumbo). I'm 5'1"- which size would you think would look more appropriate on me? The small/medium (?) is the one that is 9"- the medium/large is the 10"? I already own a diamond shine flap (my first baby! so gorgeous- if anyone wants pics, please ask!) and that is 10". I'm concerned about the size because I think a small-ish bag in the pink caviar would be so sweet but I don't want it to be so small that i can't fit anything! The diamond shine flap is just perfect, and the classic flap's double flap is concerning.

    Please help! Thanks in advance!! (PS. Has anyone seen a classic flap in pink caviar in the medium or large or any size but the jumbo at a Saks store? I don't want to open a NM account!!!) Pictures of classic flaps on you would be lovely! I love pics :graucho::yes:

  2. i think when it comes to classic flap, it's only three size: small, med(some call it large), and jumbo. I would love 2 c ur and diamond shine flap! I've attached a pix of me and med(or Large) classic flap double strap. I am 5'7" and 125 pounds w/narrow shoulder:shame:
    Classic Dbl front.jpg
  3. There is a mini as well..which can be worn messenger style..but this one is super small. There is also an east-west which is the single flap...

    but all i have heard of is the small med/large and jumbo sizes. there are lots of threads pertaining to this, if you do a search i'm sure you will beable to find tons of info!
  4. How big is the jumbo? I love the style, but I'm afraid it will be too small for me to fit a thing. I'm used to large bags.
  5. CLASSIC CHIC: thanks for the pic! you look fabulous with your bag!!

    COSMOPOLITAN: Thanks for the link but I already saw the thread.. Very nice pictures but there were not many on people..
  6. I like the people shots :smile:

    Classic Chic is so adorable with her bag
  7. I'm 5' and 96 lbs, frankly, the JUMBO looks absolutely ridiculous on me. My SA agreed when I was trying it out. The medium flap looks wonderful on me though I yet to have one. BUT I did order a diamond shine last week and it's coming next week!!! I would love to see yours, azhong!

    One key thing: the medium classic flap is SMALLER than the diamond shine flap. It does not fit much at all. A diamond shine flap can fit my big ass choco Guccisimma wallet and other things as well. I cannot even fit my wallet into the medium flap because of the extra internal flap. I love the diamond shine style and size, so I'm always pushing the medium classic flap down the list as I HATE changing wallets. :push:

    MEDIUM is basically LARGE, these terms are used interchangably for the same size.
    There's a wonderful resource that layla put out about the various sizes for classic flaps and reissues.