Small Marcie hobo in tan?

Nov 6, 2006
Thanks, kitcat! I was actually hoping for more of a tan color. The cocoa looks darker online. Have you ever seen it IRL?

I've seen the beige in stores and it's gorgeous, but it looks so light that I'm scared it'll get dirty fast. :thinking:
Sep 23, 2009
I have never seen the small Marice hobo in any of those colors. I have only seen the small satchel in all of the colors you mentioned above, including Mocha. Like Kitcat said, the small hobo is available in Bark at Neimans. It is strange that you don't see the small hobo as much in the stores. You might want to call a Chloe Boutique to see what colors they carry in the small hobo - or maybe they can track one down for you in a Tan color.