Small mabel

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  1. I was considering buying a small mabel/mabel from the factory or Bichester outlet. Does anyone have any experience of this bag?
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    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    Hi dkm805 - welcome! Yes, I do! I use my small Mabels a lot, and love them! They feel feminine and elegant to carry and are deceptively spacious inside. They come in a range of colours and leathers. Mine are in goatskin, refined grain and antique leathers. To keep them pristine inside, I use a Tintamar bag liner which means that you can easily transfer the contents of one bag to another in one go. I have the small Mabels only, and I can't think of any drawbacks! :biggrin:

    Mabels come in small {hand-held only}, regular, large and maxi and it's probably best to try them on at the Outlets to see which size suits you best. I hope this helps. :biggrin:

    A couple of the girls, appleproject and tweetinat, have recently purchased Mabels so hopefully they'll come along and give you their thoughts and opinions, too!
  3. I'm a fan of mabels (obviously :smile: ) I find them roomier than they look and I love the look of them- they provide a lovely little flash of colour. I have the mini and shoulder mabels which are the small ones but I can carry a surprising amount in them, so I think you would be able to carry a huge amount in the regular one. What colour are you looking at?
  4. <waves hello emoticon :biggrin:>

    I've recently bought two Mabels (well, technically 3 but the Rouge Noir Metallic went back!) and I absolutely love the style. I have a mini handheld and a regular and find them functional and yet stylish at the same time. All my friends have commented on how lovely they are, especially the mini which looks particularly cute.

    I bought the mini originally as my first ever Mulberry bag and wasn't quite sure what to expect size wise. Surprisingly it can hold quite a lot, especially with the two suede lined pockets, but when you are often carrying a baby or pushing a pram then the hand-held style can get a bit frustrating. I often ended up slinging it under the pushchair so I decided I needed the regular to act as my new changing bag :biggrin:. The regular is much larger and can take much much more - to give you an idea of size it can hold an A4 magazine lengthwise. Still a super bag and whilst not quite a cute it still looks gorgeous.

    You can buy mabels with both a real buckle strap and a false buckle which closes with a magnetic popper. Personally I couldn't cope with a real buckle, but that's because I often have my hands full with baby and need to be able to shut the bag and move quickly. If it's a work bag then you may find that you don't mind having a proper buckle.

    There's a great thread here of photos of Mabels and I posted one which compares the mini and regular so you can get a better idea of size.

    Hope that's helpful!
  5. I have two mabels and I would advise buying one with a less structured leather so it is a bit slouchy. My sponge leather one is lovely and holds loads and has a buckle which I donotfind inconvenient when compariing it to both an Alana and a Roxanne which I founf difficult and frustrating to open.

    My patent one is very stiff and boxy and I like it less - though this might also slouch if I bothered to use it. This one has the magentic clasp and I really can't tell much difference when used.

    Both are medium sized and fit loads - more than my bays though you do have to be aware of the weight on the handles. I never liked this style when it was launched as I preferred the older darwin styles and often at the beginning only saw the saddle type leather which is really stiff and doesn't imo appear to wear well. MBut since they made them in goatskin and sponge I love them!
  6. Good choice - my little orange Mabel is deceptively spacious. Haven't used it much this Spring/Summer though (note to self, stop using blooming Claret Bays!!)
  7. the small mabels a great bag, they always have loads at outlet. theye are very roomy (more than you think.
    good luck in you hunt :smile:
  8. Thank you all sooo much!!!
  9. Did you get it? :smile: