Small LV items

  1. Hi, I just added the accessories pochette to my LV collection.:biggrin:
    I understand from girls here that LV small items are Made in Spain?
    But I was given a choice to choose Made in France & Spain for my pochette actually. And I chose Made in France, so should I rave or rant?

    Also can anyone who has both the accessories pouch & mini version compare their size & useability? Not sure if I should get the mini one too, cos it looks kinda fab to me, especially with the gold chain.:love:
  2. The mini pochette is so cool, The is an alright size, You can put a lip gloss, some Cards, And some money in it.
  3. Welcome to PF!:flowers: IMO, mini pochette is too small. Go with a mono pochette if you really want to add another pochette to your collection. JMO. And as for your pochette being made in France, I think a lot of gals on here prefer that they are. CONGRATS on your new LV regardless of where it's made!!!
  4. my MC carnet and panda organizer is madi in spain. i don't see any difference, they're as gorgeous as the france's lv.
    and i've read or heard somewhere in the mags some times ago, that lv was so bummed with the perfect fakes they produced in china, and they can't do anything to prevent them. so lv bought some of the factory that produces the mirror image lv to produce for the real lv...
    but i'm still wondering if it's true. cause i don't believe that all the lv's are still made in france, spain or us... some of them must also made in 3rd world countries where they can cut budgets.
  5. mini pochette would not fit a wallet. can fit a powder compact, lipstick/lipgloss, keys and money & cards. barely can fit in the iPod mooshed along with those things. pochette accessories will fit those essentials as well as a wallet.

    good thing about the mini is: it is so cute & adorable when carrying it around solo, so i would recommend. carry the gold chain and it will swing slightly when you move. you can also carry over the shoulder which looks lovely. *very cute!!!* small thing but does catch a lot of attention, i think more than the normal pochette accessories! you can dangle from a bigger bag, or hook it-- which will both look very nice as well.

    good luck with your decision, enjoy your new pochette accessories! =) congrats!
  6. Mini pochette is very, very little. I got the accessory pochette and just adore it. You can even use it as a little purse when going out. My friend has the mini and when she saw mine, she liked the size of mine better.
  7. My pochette accessoires was made in france. In terms of getting the pochette v. mini pochette - get the pochette as it will fit a lot more !!
  8. I love this. I sometimes put my pda in it or my ipod or just for money and change..depends on my mood.

  9. I Have The Pochette Accessories......But, The Mini Is Just Precious With That Gold Chain ~ I Love It!

    Welcome!!!! :smile:
  10. I have a pouchette accesories,and I love it to death!.Its very versitile, I can use it to go clubbing,going to the mall,and I use it with my bigger bags as well. I was thinking of getting the mini pouchette accesories,but out of the blue someone gave me their flourintine,and its much better!.
  11. i got two pochette accesoires...a white multicolor and a mono canvas. i soooo... love them.
  12. The mini pochette is good for a camera case or to use a tiny bag going out, you can fit essentials in it but not really a waller (you can fit a little card case though)
  13. oooo i love the mini!!!!The chain is so much more comfortable than the strap on the wapity if you want something to wear around your wrist.
  14. isnt the fabric, made in china/3rd world countries, most brands to that they have all the materials (hardware, thread, vachetta binding and zippers etc.) made and cut in cheap countries. they probly even put the sewing holes into the leathers and sew the linings so they only need to be stitched up and stamped in france. i think the dustbags are made in china and so are the carry bags. this si expected where they can cut costs they will. all designer brands do that, except hermes and even then the leathers are made in other countries
  15. i think the mini is cute. but i love love love the mono pochette.