Small lv acessory

  1. as a good report card and valentines gift, i can get a small lv accessory as a present!
    but i dont know what to get...
    a bandeau?
    a cles?
    i have no idea! and suggestions in the 200 dollar range?
  2. A pochette if you don't have one $285 or a wapity $275 or a cless $150
  3. pomme cles? pomme inclusion key chain?
  4. i like that inclusion key chain idea!
    ps. sorry i spelled accessory wrong in the title!
  5. A Pomme 4 key holder - I love mine!
  6. How about a nice cles.... like Mini Lin or Framboise or Pomme? The Groom cles (both regular and round) are good too.....
  7. Hmm...maybe a Bubbles ring and or bracelet? The rings are $125 apiece and the bracelets are $150.
    Or maybe an Inclusion ring? Those are $180.
  8. thats a good idea. i already have an inclusion ring, so maybe ill get the bubble earrings.
    do the boutiques have them though?
  9. How about the mc bandeau?
  10. They should..the rings and bracelets are a bit more limited from what I've seen. Also, the earrings run about $250 for two pairs. :smile:
  11. i am into the idea of a groom bandeau! its limited and the shape is wonderful! or a multicolor, also wonderful!

    All in all, if i could get a gift from LV, not with my own money, and not of the above mentioned scarf items, I think I would get a pomme cles. It is lovely, the color is wonderful and it is so right for right now.

    you would think of love (pomme d'amour-apple of love) every time you looked at it, like love of who gave it to you!
  12. Pomme Cles!
  13. I vote for the pomme cles...much more practical and symbolic of Valentine's Day :yes:
  14. Pomme cles!