Small LP compared to Medium?

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  1. I tried a search came up with nothing, can anyone point me in the direction of a comparison between the two?

    Trying to figure how much larger a Medium SH would be compared to my SLH. Thank you!
  2. small.png medium.png
  3. I recommend searching YouTube, when I was choosing a size, some video reviews helped out!
  4. Thank you, will do that.
  5. Oh I have a friend with an SLH. I'll be seeing her tomorrow and maybe we can take a bag picture together. MSH is quite big. Actually I try to not fill her up so it won't be too heavy for my arm. If you're interested in short handles, custom size 2 short handle is a really good size.

  6. HS, you still need help, babe? I have time now that finished my taxes. I have both. LMK what kind of pic you want.
  7. That would be helpful.. your comment that the MSH is large probably means it's to much bag for me...

    I will go and check the custom sizes. Thanks!!
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    Thanks Seton! i'd appreciate a shot of a SLH comparing with the MSH? that way i know how much bigger a medium truly is compared to the largest LP i currently own. :biggrin:

  9. yeah, but what kind of shot? you want them both stuffed? shot from the side? shot from the front? the bottom?
  10. LOL. Oh my, well just side by side is fine.. they can even be flat. Thank you!

  11. here you go
  12. Thank you for doing that. Appreciate it, definitely is helpful. :smile: