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  1. SMALL LOULOU OWNERS! I need your help! If you have the Small LouLou that can ONLY be worn crossbody or the long way on your side, is there ANY WAY you can double the chain up and wear it on your shoulder? IMG_1322.jpg I want to double the chains up like in the picture but I found out the bag I want to purchase, which is preloved, can only be worn crossbody or the long way on your side like the photo below. IMG_1323.jpg Has anyone experimented with their small LouLou bags to wear it the way I’m trying to wear it? Someone suggested doing what people do to shorten their Chanel Woc’s but I’m not sure if that will work. This is what the inside of the bag looks like. IMG_1319.jpg PLEASE HELP! Thank you! :smile:
  2. You may be able to purchase some plastic zip tie seals in a discreet colour and link them through the chains on each side to shorten to the length you like.
  3. are you saying the straps have been shortened by the previous owner? because the bag originally allow double chain on shoulder or full extension for crossbody/side. I have a medium but tried on the small in store as well and they are the same in chain construction.
  4. Hi Azusa, there are two versions of the Small size. One version has 4 holes and the other version has 2 holes. The 2 hole version does not allow for the chain to be double strapped.
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  5. Thank you Miss World! :smile: