small loot from Somerset collection in Troy

  1. didn't come back empty handed...
  2. the mall as really beautiful, we drove 4.5 hours to get there, especialy loved the Saks, neiman and Barneys coop. i neeed to resize the photo, they are too large to upload
  3. ^ more info on new loot? hehe
  4. finally, i think it should work now.
    new camera pics 007.jpg new camera pics 008.jpg
  5. Oohh, I always wanted those shoes! Is that a key chain? Love it!!! Congrats!
  6. i've also taken some pictures of the stock available at Saks, they have lots in stock. i especially love the soft and chain blk flap, it's so yummie, and priced 'fairly' at 1895 i believe was the price, the hobo is so delicious too, i'm so kicking myself for missing out on the blk hobo when it came out, the color they have in stock is a blush color. if you're interested in anything, give diane a call.
    new camera pics 001.jpg new camera pics 002.jpg new camera pics 003.jpg new camera pics 004.jpg new camera pics 005.jpg
  7. i couldn't believe i found these shoes on sale! and yeah, its' a key chain or can be used as a bag charm.
  8. Congrats and thanks for sharing! Nice stuff you've got there.

    Are those reissues I see ...?
  9. these are the hybrid, they have the mademoiselle lock but the classic chain.
  10. Congrats on your new purchases! They're lovely :smile:
  11. do i see a red lambskin medium/large flap??
  12. if you're refering to the last picture, these are all perfo flaps.
  13. ^ awww they're so cute! how much were they priced at?
  14. congrats on the "small" loot - the shoes are fabulous, i saw a red pair in paris in june and was in love with them. and thanks for the photos of the stock there, looks like they have quite a lot of stuff.

  15. you can never come back empty handed from somerset. it's always a joy to shop there (neiman, Saks, barneys coop).

    ...and yeah, i live about 20 mins away :nogood: