Small little reveal

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  1. A little visit to the boutique today -

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  2. There is a story why I brought this - I have a Prada Saffiano tote and have enjoyed using that, and then two weeks ago I brought a matching wallet - but have been too scared to use it as I really prefer smaller wallets, but today I decided to use it for the first time (shall include a photo below) - anyway, but then decided I needed a new cosmetic pouch to complete the Prada collection.........

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  3. Congrats :smile:)
  4. Pretty purchases and such a lovely colour! Congratulations!!!
  5. Oooooo! Your saffianos are of beautiful colour! Which one is it?
  6. Congratulations on your Gorgeous Set!! I love the scarf as well!
  7. Turchese (Turquoise).
    Was able to get the last wallet in this style / colour too, so was happy to have a set. I don't normally worry about matching bags and wallets - but this is a special set I think. :smile:
  8. thank you - the Scarf is a Hermes Twilly.
    Sadly I pulled a very tiny thread in that - have not idea how it happened but think maybe some might have brushed past me? But anyway, it is only minor and I guess these things happen, at least it did not ruin the bag !!!
  9. I love how everything is in blue tones! :P
    I love the color blue.
  10. I love your matching bag and wallet set. I love that turquoise colour. It's my favourite colour. Wish I had gotten something in that colour. I went to the prada store and was going to get the crossbody in the the rectangle size, the same one in the turquoise but it's sold out! :sad:

    Is your bag the BN2316?
  11. No mine is the BN1801.
  12. OMG!!!!! Beautiful colours!!!!! What an amazing picture and of course, gorgeous Prada's!!!!!!! Love!!!