Small Leighton bag

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  1. what do you all think about the leighton bag? Worth investing in this bag?
  2. I have the Leighton in the regular size, not small. I love it!! Just a month old. My sister bought it for me on a trip. She said the small is, well, small. So depends on your intended use.
  3. What about the straps? It’s great the bag comes with 3 straps but are any of them long enough for crossbody?
  4. I’m on vacation now and have no access to the bag. And I can’t recall too, sorry. But I actually bought a cotton canvas strap from Mautto for longer shoulder strap carry since the longer leather strap is too thin for my comfort (I’m not confident it would not snap in the future with lots of use).
  5. This is fabulous. I recently bought it.
  6. I love it.
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  7. I have seen this bag close up as a friend has it in black - in the small size. It is stunning and she loves it!
  8. Mulberry would never be considered an investment but if you like the bag, buy it.
  9. Such a great bag!!!
  10. Very beautiful!