Small Leather Parker Hippie Colors - info from my boutique SA

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  1. I had a long chat with one of my boutique SAs today about the small Parker leather hippies, I wanted to find out what colors are still available and what new colors are coming out. He showed current colors at JAX as pink pearl, white, and cinnamon. Technically he also saw Sky listed, but said it only showed 3 so "there's no way I can get one of those."

    Then he checked on new colors coming, and it showed two - one called "Pearl" with silver hardware, and the other called "Bronze" with rosegold hardware. There was no description of the Pearl and no pics, it sounds like it might be some kind of pearlized white, but who knows as they already have white - the color code was SV/S4 (SV for the silver hardware, S4 for the Pearl color). Neither is available to order yet.

    Bronze is the color that got me excited. He showed me the leather trim on some Parker Op Art bags that had the same color code, and said that's the Bronze leather. I think it looks somewhat similar to the mushroom, but warmer and more brown, less gray, and I love that it will come with rosegold hardware. I attached a pic from Coach's website of the Bronze-trimmed Op Art hippie. I missed out on the mushroom, but I'm definitely getting Bronze, my SA promised to let me know as soon as it's available. :yahoo:

    I posted this in another thread, but I also asked about the large Parker leather hippies yesterday, and they showed the mahogany and graphite are available for order, but I've not seen any pics yet.

    My SA also said the boutiques are deleting the Parkers soon to make room for the Tribeca. And on a completely unrelated note, he said only the "Asian tourist" Coach boutiques will get ANY of the Clover bags :sad:

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  2. Oh...If that is the same color bronze that the all leather version will come in, I'm excited!
  3. Yes, the Bronze is the color of the leather handle and the top band of leather trim on the Op Art hippie. Squint at the picture and imagine it's all in that color leather :smile:
  4. Wow I bet these will be GORGEOUS! I'm also looking forward to seeing the graphite.
  5. Thanks for the information, Toby11. Glad that you'll be getting the bronze--so pretty. I'm interested in seeing the graphite, too.
  6. Ooh, the bronze will look great! Do you know how much the small leather hippies will cost?
  7. I would love a Parker satchel or shoulder bag all leather in the bronze....I don't like brown bags but the color of that leather is TDF
  8. So far all the small leather hippies have been $298 (my cinnamon was), so I assume the new colors will be the same.
  9. I didn't ask about other styles, but maybe they'll be coming out with new colors on those as well. I honestly hadn't even noticed the bronze leather before on the Op Art bags.
  10. Ok, great, thank you! :smile:
  11. Thanks so much for this info! I am super excited about both colors! Back during PCE in May I tried to order an OP art bronze/khaki hippie (this was a Japan exclusive, but you may have seen the bronze satchels/shoulder bags in department stores). Unfortunately, it wasn't available through the boutique for order. I was really disappointed and left with the black OP art instead, which I was pretty certain I would end up returning. I ended up falling in love with that bag. It was the perfect hippie size for me and ever since I have been wanting another one, but in leather. The colors lately have not been super appealing to me. I like the pearl pink, but I'm not really big on pink. I also like the white, but was afraid it would get dirty.

    Yay! Now pearl and bronze are coming! I'm happy!
  12. I love the size and style, too. I have the small cinnamon leather and I adore her, I just want another color and I'm not big on pink either, and though I like white bags, I don't like the hippie in white. Maybe I will in Pearl.
  13. I was considering the cinnamon when I heard it came out because it was "close" to the bronze color I had been wanting. Now I am for sure getting the bronze. I have to see the pearl though. The pink pearl color is beautiful, but like I said, I'm not big on pink. Make a purple pearl though and I'll shoot out the front door to get one. Hehe!
  14. Thanks for the info! I really want to see what the pearl, mahogany and graphite look like!
  15. when is this coming out? any idea on strap length and size of bag?