small leather items

  1. i looked all over, well, through to page 6 of old posts, and couldn't find the original thread that asked about small leather items. i have the clarissa, which i use as a cosmetics pouch.
    if anyone else has any of their leather accessories, pics or dimensions or uses may be helpful to other members.
    clarissa.jpg clarissa2.jpg clarissa3.jpg
  2. Thank you!! :flowers: I have been thinking about getting a cosmetics pouch but didn't really know much about them. Your case looks like it holds everything I would need on a daily basis. That was very helpful.
  3. oh thank you. :flowers:
    i usually put in one tube of gloss, 1 or 2 lipsticks, tin of mints, a purse pen, tiny sample bottle of lotion, ponyholders, bobbypins, bandaids, an eyeliner i bought because i was going to do the smokey eye thing but never ever do... and business cards/receipts/etc in the outside pocket. it zips up very slim.
  4. I have the Thill for my credit card/business cards. It's orange chevre mysore. It's not that big 10cm W x 6cm H.

    Hermes_Thill_LaVan2.jpg Hermes_Thill_LaVan3.jpg Hermes_Thill_LaVan4.jpg Hermes_Thill_LaVan1.jpg

    Oh, and here's also a picture of where I live since it was such a lovely day today ... though a bit hot!

  5. HH - how big is that? LaVan - pretty "Thill" and gorgeous pic! I remember seeing one from you in the winter which was beautiful as well!
  6. let's see. nearly 7 inches long. um, 6.75 inches long and just under 4.5 inches tall. the thickness entirely depends on how much you put in there. but anywhere from .5 inch to 1 inch thick i would say.
  7. shoes - Thanks! Yeap, 2 extremes with the pictures from a really snowy winter to this sunny summer!
  8. That "thill" is exactly what I need! I'm calling right now!
  9. both the clarissa and thrill look great! they're both in such fun colors!!
  10. Thanks for the info HiHeels and La Van.

    Does anyone know what the retail price on the Thill is?
  11. That is a great card wallet!, but oh my gosh! your view is wonderful!:nuts:
    my brother would e-mail me these kind of pictures when he lived in in your neck of the woods, and I'd be looking at traffic and smog out of my windows!:Push: (so to torment him...I'd e-mail him pictures of traffic):lol:
  12. I just called inquiring about the Thill - it's $570. I'm not sure what leather they were because I got a voicemail. I'll call again tomorrow.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    You're so funny!!! I want to live in Europe now ... Fresh air, beautiful view, great food, and the history~~ I need to relocate!
  14. LaVan- I have the exact same credit card holder in the same color! I didn't know it had a name...I really like mine, I actually like it more than my compact bearn! It's so slim and holds the essentials!
  15. HiHeels and LaVan... Love your small leather items! :flowers: So pretty!