Small Leather Goods/ Pouches Price Lists?

  1. This is my first post so I'll tell you all a little about myself. I'm 14 and my passion is purses. I sort of got into it when I moved to Italy two years ago. I currently own an LV scarf, the zippy wallet, a speey 30, and the montsouris backpack. I've decided I want to get another little one when I go skiing in Italy this christmas. Eluxury is currently down so I was wondering if any of you have prices for these? Thanks!

    -Monogram canvas mini pochette accessories trunks and bags
    -Monogram canvas bosphore bum bag
    -Monogram canvas pochette cancun
    -Monogram denim speedy case GM
    -Multicolore iPod widescreen case
    -Monogram canvas mini HL
  2. go to the france version it wil have all the prices in euro's for you it's not exact as they will be a little higher in Italy but the prices are there