Small Leather Accessories... PICS ONLY!!!

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  1. Please post photos of your wallets, agendas, coin purses, key chains/protectors and other fabulous accessories here, and include the size, color, leather, and other helpful details for us to reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. [​IMG]

    Le 24 Coin Purse (photo courtesy of member Orchids)
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Karo PM, Chevre, rose shocking ($630)
  4. The coin purse is called "thill" (thanks diana!)
  5. Corn Coin Purse, jaune Lizard & vert Fonce chevre. 1982.
    Corn Purse.JPG
  6. Clarisse GM in vert anis (Chevre)
    Ulysse notebook in blue jean (togo)
    Agenda GM (zipped) in cycamen (veau mirroir)
    Karo PM in rose shocking (chevre)

  7. Rouge H box semainier, red lizard agenda de poche GM, raisin exterior, lavender interior phoque agenda de poche PM

    H agendas.jpg
  8. Bearn turquoise chevre mysore w/PHW & agenda vert amande chevre
  9. 3H Charm keyring in palladium.
    charm keyring.jpg
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  10. Rose Shocking Carmencita GM
  11. Blue Jean Epsom Azap Long Wallet
    Azap BJ w white stitching.jpg Azap BJ Interior.jpg
  12. Turquoise Carmen Key Ring


    Pink Carmen Key Ring in Action

    Photo Credit: tricia

    Carmen Key Ring.jpg
  13. Keychains - Hippo face, Hippo, Heart


  14. Bearn 4 keyholder in rose shocking (chevre)