Small JUC with VCA 5 Motif

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  1. Hi friends! Does anyone have pics of the small JUC with the 5 motif Alhambra bracelet? There are threads of these two bracelets with the full and small love as a trio, but I would love to see these two on their own. Trying to decide what to treat myself to! Thanks :smile:
  2. Hey there, I’ve just taken a pic for you of my small JUC with my VCA 5-motif in YG onyx. You may have seen my pic in the other thread of how usually wear mine with my small love as a trio but I love these two on their own just as much. HTHs! IMG_5840.JPG
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  3. I did, I did! Thank you for being so kind to post again. [emoji8]

    I love the 5 motif and am trying to figure if I like the JUC or the Love with it better. I know you usually wear it as a trio, but do you have a preference at all??
  4. That’s a hard question to answer as I love my Love for sentimental reasons! Aesthetically I prefer the JUC with the VCA but the bracelet does get caught up in the JUC which is why I usually wear the love in between the two [emoji4]
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  5. I think the 5 Motif VCA is more worth it than the thin JUC. The nature of the VCA is more substantial than the bendable JUC in my opinion.
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  6. Even if you paired the VCA with a love or thin love it looks nicer in my opinion and sits better with it than if it were to get hooked onto the JUC

    Hope you decide and show pictures
  7. I ask genuinely and without malice because I like the Alhambra collection- can someone explain to me why it’s so expensive and coveted? I was looking at the pricing of the 20 motif and almost fainted!
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