small item, need help!

  1. I just got a anna sui wallet, but I am not so happy with its coin purse. So I decide to buy a LV small goods to put my coins. I am not sure which one I should get; cles or coin purse (round one)? I think if I get the cles, I can use it as card holder later when I don't need a coin purse. Need suggestions~~~:yes: Thanks a lot!
  2. Sounds like a cles it is!
  3. I too think you should get a Cles first, and possibly a Porte Monnaie Rond later on.

    I suggest Suhali!!! It's tdf. :drool:
  4. yeah, that is what I thought. I like Azur, I wonder whether the color too light for everyday use?

  5. No, azur is not too light for everyday use. It would look great! Here's a bonus: it's easy to see the coins in an Azur cles and it's flexible enough to add coins and credit cards to it.
  6. cLES...fits better.
  7. Cles!
  8. Cles but now which one? Mono, Damier, Epi and the list goes on......
  9. Another vote for a cles:tup:
  10. Cles! In any of the canvas/mini lin range, they fit more :yes:
  11. cles
  12. theres a nice range of LV cles out there......
  13. another vote for the CLES!!~
  14. Definitely cles! :yes: It's much more versatile and you don't need to buy another cardholder when you need one. ;)
  15. Definitely the cles. I can put cards, coins, cash folded up and when I'm not using it as a wallet my house key & car key can fit in it.

    I like Azur for everyday use. It's the same material as Ebene anyway so it's still easy to maintain.