small ink stain

  1. I have a small mark on the front of my jimmy choo. Any suggestions on how to remove would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Is it a leather JC? I would recommend using some Coach Leather cleaner. That is what the SA had me use on the lipstick mark on the inside of my Rianne. I would give that a shot, if that doesn't work, then you might contact JC directly and ask for additional recommendations.
  3. Yes, it's leather in the tobacco color. I'll try the leather cleaner. Thanks
  4. I have an ink stain on an ivory marc jacobs. The coach leather cleaner did not work on my bag. I hope it works for yours.Here is what not to use...magic eraser( my dh informed me this is a mild sanding block and it actually removes the finish on the leather).I tested a spot and he is right. I read that hairspray is recommended but did not work for me. I have tried goof off, goo gone, rubbing alcohol( all very gently applied).Nothing has worked so far. I have also read that car detailers use school rubber erasers on leather seats. I have not tried this yet. Good luck and please let me know how it turns out. I am about to take my bag to a professional.
  5. the coach leather cleaner took it right off. It looks brand new again. thanks!
  6. :yahoo::yahoo:
    I am so happy it worked for you. I was going to suggest hair spray, but I would not have wanted to risk someone ruining their beloved bag, but fortunately I did not have to try to come up with another option.:party:
  7. That is fantastic! Are there different types of coach leather cleaners? How easy was it to get the ink out?
  8. It was so easy. I just took a q tip and put a very small amount on the cotton. I wiped one time and it came off. the ink stain was very new so maybe that's why it came out so easily. the bottle of cleaner I used says simply coach leather cleaner on it.
  9. Yes, that is the one I used:tup: When i purchased it, it was a set and it was leather cleaner and leather conditioner. I used all the conditioner on my old coach bags, but for some reason, the bottle of cleaner had been sitting in my closet for 10-11 years, but it still worked for me.
  10. Robyn, I just checked the coach cleaner bottle that I used and it said CONDITIONER. What a blonde moment:wtf:I have been known to have a few of those:whistle:. My dh calls them Samisms:amuse:. Anyways, I will be going to the coach store tomorrow to buy CLEANER. Wish me luck!
  11. Oh that's wonderful:yahoo: I hope that once you obtain a bottle of Cleaner, it will make your MJ bag as good as NEW:tup:
    Don't feel bad, I could never be a natural blonde (Asian) but I have several blonde moments a day:wacko: