Small Hoop Earrings

  1. Does anyone have these in navy?


    What do you think of them? Do you like them?
  2. I've never noticed those before! I don't have them, but I'm loving the punch!
  3. Yeh, I like those too!
  4. Very cute!:nuts:
  5. oh my god that's my first time seeing those they are sooo cute
  6. I love those - my regular Coach store didn't have them - I wonder if they'll hit the outlet?
  7. They're nice.
  8. I have them in Punch - They are a bit bigger than I expected them to be - I bought them from Navy is my favorite color (I don't think they had Navy available when I bought them) I'm a little tempted - just a little by the navy.
    coach 011.jpg
  9. Verrry pretty - I may have to order them, don't know what color yet. I love the navy, but they wouldn't go w/ much of what I wear. I wear a lot of black and white.
  10. I have both the small and large hoop earrings (both gold on gold) and I LOVE them!

    I was uncomfortable with the weight of them at first but now they're my favorite earrings!
  11. the navy one is so cute!!! too bad my clothes won't match them!!