SmalL Hermes Bags...Love'em or Hate'Em

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  1. I like small bags, especially for evening. It forces you to edit down to the most important things. Most of all, you and your clothing can be appreciated and it is very feminine:love: I have 25cm Birkin and 28cm Kelly and they are great:love: Anyone agree with me? ... Or not:amuse:
  2. I like to have bags of all sizes in my collection but with two kids, I find myself using my larger bags more often for daytime. Great bags, GK!
  3. I like the 30/32/35 sizes more, only because I think that they look better on me. The small ones are cuties though!
  4. Same here.:biggrin:
  5. do you have any pictures of you holding your 25cm Birkin or 28cm Kelly?
  6. I like all sizes inclusing the smaller ones. Gracekelly, one reason I purchased my 28 cm Kelly was to keep my contents on the downside. I also feel that the 28 cm carries much more easily into evening. The 30 cm and above still look good, but if you are more petite and short like I am I thought the 28 cm worked the best. (for the day to eve transition) Again, it is one of those preference things.

    However, when I want to be a bit more radical I do pull out the large bags and they look great as well.
  7. I like the small bags, but if I'm going out in the evening, I'd probably choose something with a little more bling - like a Judith Leiber.
  8. I am absolutely in love with my LV Vernis Spring Street, which is a Kelly-inspired bag on a very small, evening-appropriate scale. I'm sure that I would also love a Kelly in the same size.
  9. Coco-nut! You inspired me, I'm going to start a new thread on Judith.
  10. For me, it's okay for kellys to be around 28cm or smaller. But for birkin, I prefer size 30cm or 35cm.

    By the way, I love Judith Leiber clutches. I usually carry one during cocktail parties. If not, I carry my gucci dragon evening clutch by Tom Ford.