Small Heloise - Colors? Availability?

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  1. I was just wondering if the small Heloise comes in the same color as the full size one -- Black, Gazelle and Prune - this season? Unfortunately, our Nordstroms is completely sold out of all of the small Heloise bags. Since I'm fairly decided on the Prune full size Heloise, I was thinking that maybe I'd try to find a small Gazelle once the sales start, but I'm not certain it came in that color. Has anyone seen a small Heloise in this color? If so, where did you see it? I might check out Neimans this week to see what colors, if any, they have.
  2. Probably the best thing to do is call one of the Chloe boutiques to find out what colors the small come in---great idea, getting a smaller one in gazelle.....hmmmm:whistle:
  3. ^^The one from LVR looks too light to be Gazelle -- the Gazelle is a little bit darker brown -- some people referred to it as "Taupe". Maybe when I go back to Nordies Tue, I'll ask the SA to look it up to see if anyone has any left. If so, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that they'll still be there when the sales start!