Small Haul

Dec 20, 2006
The lure of the 20% off coupon took me to the outlet yesterday. I exercised considerable constraint. I perused the Zoe shelves and was tempted by the Fawn Patent again but resisted. If it goes on the 50% off I may have to go back. I did get another black patent Zoe. I will either give it to my mom as a gift or return the other one I have and keep the difference.

Hampton Vintage Violet Clutch in Espresso $68

I couldn't let this one go. I really don't need a clutch but I loved this so much. It is heavy and it is just a clutch! It has lots of pockets and zippered compartments. It even came with a dustbag. It is a teensy bit worn (a few creases) but the leather is absolutely scrumptious!

Leah Op Art Patent Wristlets and Embossed Gunmetal Swingpack

I really want the white and pink versions of these wristlets but they are gone. The SA had the green one in 2 sizes. I didn't know this wristlet came in small and large. Also, I have this swingpack in gold.

I put back so much stuff. Black and Op Art Copper Parker kisslock bags, Rosegold Parkers, Bonnie Olives in silver, Bonnie Green Snake bag, Petrol Zoe (great color but I wanted large).

I had the MFF XL Slim Duffle in Burnt Orange, Camel, Pink. I had narrowed the choices down to Burnt Orange and Camel. The leather was yummier in these colors. I loved the brown siggy lining in the Burnt Orange. I thought the price was a little high considering it was a MFF bag but I didn't figure in the extra 20% off so that would have put it at under $200. The leather was fabulous on these bags. I would not have thought they were MFF if I hadn't checked the creed. I regret not getting one of these.

Picked up a Bonnie satchel in Siggy/Patent Camel. This bag looked so fab in this color combination. I think maybe it was the camel patent that did it for me. It just really popped but again, I have camel already. I think this color is going to be a frequent problem for me.


Apr 11, 2009
Jersey Girl
Clutch Twins!! Actually i have the same clutch in Magenta and I love it!! It is very roomy, and has great leather. I have never used this clutch and not been given a compliment. and $68 is a fab price........congrats