Small Harlow Satchel [emoji7]

  1. The Small Harlow Satchel is a beautifully decadent bag! It’s perfect for the fashionistas of the world as well as the classic girl looking to spice things up a bit! With the top handle and chain being removable, you can personalize it a bit to your liking!

    IMG_1541354736.082025.jpg IMG_1541354757.436569.jpg
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  2. Is this advertising??
  3. Nope hehe or I guess in a way, but I work for the SoHo boutique in NYC
  4. One of the newer designs I like! I like the ice pink colour!
  5. It is an amazing bag, I have the lavender blue. Only downside is that if you have prominent collarbones then it’s uncomfortable to wear crossbody after a while.