Scarves Small H Scarves (Twilly Alternative)?

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  1. Hey TPF - are there types of very small H scarves (smaller than Twillies I assume) that can be used to adorn really small bags? I'm talking about something small enough to put on a Clic 16, Convoyeur Mini etc. I think the Twilly would be too big, no? All I see online right now are men's pocket squares which are a fine size but more plain. Or are there tips/tricks to make a Twilly fit nicely on a really small bag?
  2. I don't see why you couldn't tie a pocket square on a Clic 16. Wrap it a couple of times. :smile: (the women's and men's pocket squares are the same size, no matter what the website says....and they are a little smaller than it says too...)
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  3. Next season H are bringing out a mini 20cm scarf in the Zebra Pegasus and classic BdG. You could fold on the bias and tie it, it would look really cute

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  4. I can't find women's pocket squares... all I find are 18" squares which seem large. Am I missing something or are these just vintage?
  5. That'd be a perfect size! Do you know if they're only doing 2 patterns? I don't know what BdG is :smile:
  6. Pocket squares=18" squares (that aren't actually 18", more like 16.5)

    The women's small format (18") is the same size as the men's pocket square and neither are actually 18" in real life.
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  7. For women they are not called 'pocket squares' they are called '45' . If you search for 45 on the 45s should come up, otherwise use the menu at the side and filter by 'Category' then look for '45 x 45 scarves' if you click on that they should all come up.
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  8. Yes, I agree. I'd like one myself just for that reason. even tying it as a triangle may be nice on the right bag.

    Sorry, Brides de Gala . It's the one hanging in the picture with the red border
  9. Thank you - got it! I guess right now doesn't have many, they don't show up under the silk category but 2 show up when I search "45"

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  10. Here- try this link. There are currently 100 pocket square (18" size) options on h dot com. (They actually measure 16.5".....)|relevance|Category
  11. In french, we call them « gavroche ».
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  12. Unfortunately, and ridiculously doesn't use the word on any of its English language websites Screenshot 2019-11-09 at 14.00.51.png
  13. It’s a pity! It could be useful though for a search on eBay.
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  14. Merci!

    Thatnks - that link works!
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  15. Super- there are a good number of options available right now. :smile: