Small goody from LV but I still love it :)

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  1. So I went to the LV store to go take a look at Sunset Blvd. in Violette and Eva. I didn't get either one of them because I thought it was too small for me. Instead I bought a Tivoli PM for my mom (I already own one but thought it would be a nice present for my mom for putting up with me all these years) and also this little gorgeous thing.... the Monogram Pochette Cles. I absolutely love it. I always toss my coins at the bottom of my bag so I decided this would be absolutely perfect to attach to my LV brown WC speedy 30 so I don't leave such a clutter at the bottom of my purse. I am so happy I made the purchase :smile:.

    I absolutely love LV accessories. I'm currently on the phone for the LV Colorfull Travel Bandeau in white. Hopefully they'll be able to find one for me because I absolutely love it. I already have the black (noir) Colorfull Travel Bandeau and I think its TDF :drool::heart:.

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  2. Very cute. Congrats!! I bet your mom will love her new bag. As far as the bandeau goes I hope you have better luck than me. I called yesterday looking for the same one in black and it's sold out in the states. You're lucky you have that one!!
  3. I love them too. I hope you get the bandeau! I'm going to try to find one in black too. Good luck! And congrats on the purchases.
  4. Congrats carrie3579! It's a cutie! I love it!

    The mono cles was my first cles and I've had it for over 10 years and I still use it for loose change and it's in great shape! Your's will last a very long time too!

    I hope you get your Travel Bandeau in white! The Travel Bandeau's are gorgeous!
  5. that is so nice of you to purchase a tivoli pm for your mom!!
  6. Cles is always a great buy :tup:. And what a sweet gift for your mom!
  7. A cute little addition to your bag!
  8. Can't go wrong with a cles!

  9. Yup got the white too! They're shipping it on Monday. Woohoo!!!:yahoo:
  10. Very nice, Congrats!!!
  11. Definitely always a good choice with the Cles.. congratulations!!!
  12. nice! I love my cles too! keeps things all organized and it's place. congrats! and very sweet of you to buy your mom the rock!
  13. Your mom will love the Tivoli! Very sweet gift! Congratulations!
  14. Ooh, cute Cles! Congrats (:
    Let's see some pictures of it on your bags!
  15. Love it. I have one too. It's so cute. Congrats and Enjoy it.