Small Goodies that arrived today... pics

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  1. Just got a couple of goodies from ebay, thought I would do a quick reveal..

    Anyone around??
  2. I'm ready for the show!!
  3. i am here friend
  4. Ok, uploading pics now... I gotta hurry, want to get to the gym!
  5. I need to go to the gym too, hurry up Woman!
  6. lets goo....
  7. :whistle:
  8. Ok, 4x7 Original Legacy Planner... Love Love!!
  9. Nice, gotta love legacy stripes!:tup:
  10. And this gorgeous heart/star/flower keychain... I've been wanting this FOREVER!
  11. BEAUTIFUL goodies!! Your keychain looks sooooo pretty on your bag!!
  12. And it looks absolutely perfect on my large patent camel sabrina!
  13. Everything together... I had the wristlet, wallet and bag already, just wanted to show a little portrait of it all together! :biggrin:

  14. GEORGOUS set!! :smile:
  15. I like your legacy planner :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: