Small Givenchy Pandora

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    Im currently looking at a the small pandora, and i have never seen a true life photo of anyone using the "givenchy blue" small pandora ( goatskin) in action

    I really want to see what it looks like on real people. Im around 5'4'' / 164cm and i want to know how the size compares to my height. Unfortunately I don't live near any Givenchy stores so i cant check. :sad:

    Hope you guys can post photos

    Other Pandora Photos are welcome!

    xxx bangy
  2. I am 5-4 as well and here is a post where I wore a small and a medium.
    I didn't buy the small and I have a medium.
    I have the mini which holds quite a bit and the medium holds alot and is a great daily bag. If you are pretty average with your daily load, I think a small will do very well for you. I believe BagMad has a small and do remember she shared modshots of herself. She is probably an inch taller than us. You should search for her in the Pandora thread.

    Here is the link to my post with pix.

    If you're referring to the bright blue, that is a great pop of color and a Panda will be so fun in that color. If you're referring to the darker blue, it is stunning too. Superb navy blue. You simply cannot go wrong with either. Both are amazing neutrals.

    Good luck.
  3. Haha, I was just at a store comparing a small and medium Pandora today! Didn't take any pictures, but I'm 5'3 and the small looked way too small on me. It looks great if I wear it cross body, but not if I wear it up under my arm. I kinda felt like a giant with the small, haha. The medium looked more proportionate to me and made me feel more comfortable. How do you plan on wearing the Pandora?
  4. I usually wear my bags cross body but i like to have the option of wearing it on my arm My purchase was a Medium Marcie (also crossbody) but i find it too heavy to use when i travel! :smile: So im on the search for my "travel bag"

    hrhsunshine - thanks so much for the photo, the one I'm currently looking at is the bright blue one! :smile: I actually like the navy blue one as well but it seems like they don't make those color in a small size, the ones i always see its the black (shw) and bright blue (shw)

    Will try to post some photos when i learn how! hahaha