Small gal from HAC 32cm to HAC 36cm ADVICE PLEASE

  1. OK, os here I am I recently sold my old HAC 32cm..she was a love of mine for sure and over 22years old..So I sold her to buy a newer bag and I bought a VL Gold HAC replace her..Absolutely gorgeous! But I will have to sell her because...
    Now I am after a 36cm HAC because it is My grail Leather ..and even the Hardware is my Grail.. Also,I feel like my 32cm might not be quite big enough to put my work items all I can see it as my daily work bag.....
    Possible Cons
    Will this bag be way to big on me? I am only 5' 6" tall and weigh only 126Lbs tops... How silly will I look??? Please help!! Any photos please!
  2. Oh I think the HAC 36 would look fabulous on you.. As the shape of a HAC makes it look longer I think you easily can do it... I find the HAC very elegant... Let us know what you decide?
  3. If you're talking about the bag I think you're talking about, docride, I SERIOUSLY pitched a fit for it. I wasn't successful, but MR.GGA definitely knows what a 36 cm VN HAC looks like now.

    Congrats, and I'm so jealous I'm pea green at the moment! I'm totally sure you'll rock that bag, though.
  4. it will certainly look fantastic and it will hold alot.

    can't wait to see it on you!
  5. oh wow amkur looks so chic!
  6. I found she is 5'9 I am sorter. I am like 5'7
  7. thanks plum. that is so sweet of you.

    the key thing are going to use it as a work bag to put all the things in it.

    I picture you right now your truck going to work with this bag and rocking it. I can't wait to see the action pics on you.

    and as you said to me....later...getting a smaller bag for evening is a good thing.

    a 32cm HAC is hard to evening its good to have day/work bags and evening bags.
  8. Howdy everyone Thanks so much for writing! I feel so exceited!!!! I am totally going for my GRAIL bag the HAC 36cm YAHOO!
    Plum Blossom >Thank you for the encouragement/enabling
    Gucci gal> Me in the PICK Up rocking this bag? You are soo right!!! Yippee !
    Katel> Thank you for the links!!!
    gga> sorry you are green...I will pray for you to find one soon KISS KISS!
    H&H> Thanks for your pep talk I am so stoked up now !!!
    HUGS to ALL!!!
  9. OOOOOH so exciting :smile:
  10. Exciting times indeed. Congrats on finding your grail, Docride. I am sure you will look great with the 36 HAC.