Small Fuschia Mabel Care Advice Please

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  1. I was pleased to find a small fuschia Mabel at Bicester this morning, at an excellent price (£118) as a birthday gift for a daughter. The SA said NOT to treat it with Collonil as that leather has already been waxed. What do owners of bags in the light antique leather advise? Would it harm to spray? I can't help feeling it might give some exta protection even if it's not strictly needed. Incidentally she (the SA) tried to persuade me to buy the one remaining blue snakeskin A4 Roxanne tote - down to less than £300 (I can't remember if it was £268 or £298) but from £895 a real bargain. But way outside my budget. It was still there when I left at lunchtime.
  2. I asked this when I bought one, the consenus was not to spray it. It is fine in rain, snow etc any marks fade once dry.
  3. From reading comments by the ladies who own bags in antique leather, you do not need to treat it with Collonil.
  4. Many thanks for that reassurance both of you.
  5. I have the large Mabel in the Fucshia antique leather and as the other ladies have said, it behaves remarkably come rain or shine! Don't panic when it rains spots will of course appear but it dries off in no time with no marks or residue left. It is beautifully behaved!

    I felt the same as you when I bought mine, but after much reassurance from the ladies here I braved the rain and now I would not think twice about taking her out, she has been caught in many a downpour and even snow and looks just as perfect as the day she arrived :love: I am sure your daughter will be delighted with her too! :yahoo:
  6. I have two fuschia antiqued leather bags, a roxy a4 tote and medium mabel.
    I was told i didn't have to spray my bags but i did anyway :P
    It didn't change the leather at all and they have never been rain marked.
    The antique leather does get scratch marks on it over time, so the other day i gave them a polish with colinil premium leather lotion and they came up all lovely again.

    Lovely present for your daughter, mini mabel is soooo cute
  7. Thanks for those comments. I'll encourage my daughter to give it some nourisher from time to time but will be brave and not worry about the Collonil spray.
  8. ...cheeky i know, and obviously you'll post your response on the shopping thread!!!...but what other stock was at Bicester!? xxx