Small Florentine Vachetta Leather (black vs. chestnut) Questions...

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  1. I currently have in my possession two small satchels (both with tags still on).
    I have had the black one for awhile but have not used it yet.
    I just got a chestnut one delivered today.
    The leather on these two bags seem quite different.
    The black bag is smoother and more matte.
    The chestnut is more pebbled and and shinier.
    The chestnut also seems to be a little lighter in weight than the black one.
    These were both ordered from zappos so I am not concerned about authenticity.
    But, do I need to be concerned about the quality of the chestnut bag?
    Or are all the chestnut satchels like this?
  2. There are a lot of threads about the inconsistency in the florentine leathers and many people on here will tell you that the florentine satchels especially can vary between being pebbled or completely smooth. I was at Macy's getting a chestnut (my first Doooney) and one was completely smooth and the other was pebbled. I ended up choosing the pebbly one because I liked the shine and the way it felt. The smooth one was nice and looked newer, but it was more stiff and not shiny. It is just preference. I don't think it has anything to do with the quality. It also depends on the color for me. Some I prefer in one texture or the other. Other people might have better info than me though!
  3. Yes, the florentine leather comes in different textures. Some bags even have a mix of textures all in one bag. The shininess is the patina that develops on the bag over time with wear. For some reason the chestnut color seems to often come with a bit of a shine already when it's brand new. Sue Clifton has also mentioned this when describing the chestnut color in her presentations. I believe over time every florentine bag will develop a shine with use. I have also heard people say the more pebbly textured bags feel thinner and more smushy. It could just be characteristic of the leather when it's textured like that. I've also heard people mention that their pebbly textured florentine bags are more weather resistant, which is another plus.

    I don't know if I've helped at all, but I think it all comes down to what your preference is. I would suggest going with your heart on this one. If you can't keep both, keep the one that you love the most. I think they are both classic neutral colors that will most likely go with many things in your wardrobe. Keep us posted :tender:
  4. Yeah, the Florentine can vary from bag to bag. I've even seen some that have both textures. I have a Small in the color Moss and it is more pebbly. I like the pebbly because it doesn't show scratches as easy as the smooth ones. I think some look better in the smooth vs pebbly. I think the black looks good in pebbly and the lighter colors. Natural would be one I would prefer in the smooth texture. My $.02 :smile:
  5. Black-I own the black in the small florentine satchel. I don't have to worry about it getting dirty like I do my other colors. Plus, I can take the black one out when it rains.
  6. Can't speak for OP but I found this incredibly helpful. I have yet to decide whether I like pebbled or smooth. Both have their advantages. Does one soften better over time?
  7. My taupe is smooth almost all over, except one small spot in the back that is ever so lightly pebbled. My ocean blue is pebbly all over. Pebbly one feels soft already, because the texture gives it extra smoosh.
    My medium pocket is ultra smooth.

    Leather is an amazing material and we have to keep in mind that at one point it was on a living being, so we cant expect it to be super uniform. I love all its characters and imperfections. As long as the leather is not damaged, scratched up beyond cosmetic appeal or repair - I'm happy :smile: