Small Flo Satchel in Aqua- Outlet Order Reveal

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  1. Just got my first outlet order yesterday! It is the small florentine satchel in aqua. I am in love with it!! Now I wish I got it sooner, but then I remember I got it 50% off so waiting ended up paying off (literally)! I have several small flo satchels, but this is definitely the lightest color I have. I think it will still go with a lot things. There are a few indentations on the back of the bag as you can see in the second picture, but I expected some minor handling marks since it is from the outlet. Luckily they are all on the back! The color in real life is closer to the second picture I would say. But no pictures I have seen online do this pretty color justice! I am so excited! :love::cloud9::girlsigh:

    The customer service at the Reading, PA outlet is excellent. I would highly recommend you go through them if you ever need to do a phone order. The woman who helped me was very sweet and so patient. She also emailed me the morning after with my tracking number! The bag came very well packed, in its dust bag, with plenty of tissue. There were even small rubber bands around the tassels to keep them straight. Now that is A+ packing in my opinion!


  2. Oh what a fun color. I'm not that bold yet to try that color but it's beautiful. Yes, that color can go with lots of things. Congrats on your new beauty! :woohoo:
  3. Thank you! Yes, I think this is the most bold/bright one I have. If you don't count fuchsia as bold! I love pink :love:
  4. O-M-G!! That color is so pretty!! The whip stitching is really nice against the aqua. I'm glad your service turned out great. I've heard lots of good thing about Reading. Enjoy you new bag. I'm sure she will be going everywhere with you this Spring and Summer. :smile:
  5. Aww thank you! I love the whip stitching too! Can't wait to wear her!
  6. That is SOOO pretty!!!
  7. What a fantastic color! Well done!
  8. OMG, the color is amazing! Congrats and enjoy your pretty bag! Thank you for the pictures!
  9. Thank you so much ladies! And I am happy to post pictures anytime. I love helping people out in seeing colors in real life photos. I don't live near any Dooney stores, so I rely on this forum a lot!
  10. Pretty! Love the color.
  11. The aqua color is amazing! So gorgeous. Thanks for the pictures!

    For customer service and friendly staff, ITA the Reading outlet gets an A+!! They are terrific there!

  12. HI Suntenya,

    Is this the mini florentine satchel? I called the Reading store looking for the aqua small satchel (yes, your pictures got to me) and the SA told me they don't make the small satchel in aqua. They only make the mini and regular size. I'm confused. :confused1:
  13. Judging by handle to width ratio I would say this is definitely the mini...
  14. I agree... I think this is the mini!
  15. Thanks guys. I see what you're saying. :smile: