Small flap vs. e/w?

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  1. I'm somewhat of a Chanel newbie and was hoping to get some input from classic flap and e/w owners! I currently own a cambon pochette and a PST in pink caviar, both of which I absolutely love! Now I'm looking for something timeless that I can wear for special occasions, dinners/dates with dh or for times when I don't need to carry much. I was leaning towards a small classic flap in black caviar, but I've also seen a couple of pics of the e/w. I was wondering what is the difference between the two, in terms of size, interior, chain, pockets, price, etc. If you own both, which do you like better? Pics would also be great! I tried the search feature, but I guess it's disabled right now. Thank you so much!!
  2. im actually not a chanel expert either
    but i believe the e/w is shorter and longer than the small classic flap
    and im not entirely sure about this (someone please correct me if i'm wrong) but the e/w has one chain and the small has a "double" chain. so basically you can adjust the length of the chain on the small flap but not the e/w.
  3. The east west is shorter and longer. It has no interior compartment with a flap like the small and medium classic bag so its actually a tad roomier or easier to accomodate your things. It has no back pocket either. It is a single chain, BUT it is an adjustable chain strap which is a nice feature. It has a nice edgey more modern look to it I think. I'd pick an east west over a small flap.
  4. tarabag and luccibag, thanks for the info! I tried on the small flap at NM and thought it was adorable. But I think I like the features on the e/w and I want to check it out!
  5. The EW now has a back pocket :tup:
  6. I saw E/W's with back pockets at the Chanel boutiques in Hawaii, I was told they were new but the way the SA explained it seemed they may be seasonal, not 100% sure if it's permanent or what...... Everything else I totally agree with, I really enjoy my east west.
  7. I almost fell out of my chair when I logged on and saw that this was the first post! This is my exact dilemma! I have been thinking about this for weeks. I actually am planning on getting an e/w today! But, will probably check out both again when I get to the store.
  8. e/w hands down!
  9. Would anyone have pictures of the new e/w? I'm deciding between e/w or medium flap. Thanks.
  10. I totally agree, very well said Luccibag! I have one in black caviar and find it's more than a medium flap actually!
  11. E/W fits more than small flap, I love E/W
  12. I dont own a flap but of wut ive seen around the pics.. the e/w looks roomier but what i always like of it its the chain; so id vote for e/w:okay:.
  13. e/w:tup:
  14. e/w:yes: i have two and they are my favourite going out bags:tup: fits all of your essentials perfectly, IMO. Good luck deciding and let us know what you pick!
  15. e/w here too :smile: