Small Feet Shoe Deals...

  1. That is really nice of you, stinas!
  2. those gucci's are awesome....lucky girl who gets them!!
  3. I see the 34.5 are hers but definitely, if you have small feet, check out anything by mushroom_city. She is fantastic. My sister is a 34.5 and loves her; She got her Chloe boots from her and I've bought my own Chloe clothing from her as well.
  4. oh, how nice u r, i am a true 34, it is tooo hard to getting shoes in oz
  5. haha my feet are tiny, but not that tiny! rats!
  6. I'm a 34.5... but a very poor one :p
  7. I know its hard to find small shoes. A lady that works for me has tiny feet & she always complains that she can never find them.
    Ill keep posting when I find them.
  8. not necessarily a bargain, but the YSL website has shoes as small as 34.
  9. jimmy choo is having a sale right now. I saw a few cute designs @ yesterday in small sizes. you ladies should try it out & see if you can get lucky =)
  10. NM SF had plenty of louboutins in very very small sizes 5, 5 1/2+ on sale (most were less then $200)..i think today might have been the last day for the sale though :/
  11. Here are some Louboutins and Dolce & Gabbana from reputable seller Luxury Zurich:

    CL 868 Decollete, black, size 35, like new

    CL Cataribbon espadrille wedge, size 35

    Dolce & Gabbana gold brocade pumps, size 35