Small fedex rant

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  1. I don't post often, but I knew you guys would be the only ones to really understand my frustration.

    So I ordered a Brynne in Raisin for PCE. It shipped Monday and I've checking the tracking religiously ever since. So I checked this morning and it said it was out for delivery!!! Yippee right?

    Apparently not. I checked before lunch to see if it had been delivered. Still out for delivery. So I come back from lunch and checked and it said back at sort facility!! It said not due for delivery.

    So I called fedex, it was the only highlight of my day and now it wasn't going to happen. I explained my situation and they said they'd send me to the local branch and just hung up on me. No hold and accidental hang up, just hung up.

    So I called again and asked what happened and the lady looked it up and told em that when they got to my HOUSE they realized they didn't have to deliver it till tomorrow so they took it back to deliver tomorrow. Can you believe this?

    I was told it was the driver's choice and she hung up on me.... I wish there was something I could do.... I was really looking forward to my Brynne.... :crybaby:

    Tomorrow I'll do a reveal, but I was really Hoping to do it today...
  2. what a big waste of fuel! I don't understand how that's OK to get a box to where it's supposed to be then decide -- oops, we got it here too fast!

    Sorry this happened to you, OP - I can imagine how let down you must have been.
  3. How upsetting. My package was also scheduled for tomorrow but to my suprise I found it on my doorstep today. It seems silly to me that the driver would take it back just to have to come back tomorrow.
  4. It is the driver's choice. Most of the time, my packages are delivered a day earlier, but every now and then the driver takes it back to the sort facility.

    I understand your heartbreak though. I've been there before when they decide not to deliver the day early. In my opinion, if they post it "out for delivery" they should honor that status. If they just plan to hold it, they shouldn't give it a status change until it is actually out for delivery.

    Sorry this happened to you. Hang in there. :hugs:
  5. well that is horrible, and it will come again tomorrow,

    sorry to hear about all the fed ex mania
  6. oh don't get me started on FedEx and UPS and their "oh it wasn't due to be delivered today" excuses...they do this all the time and it's so ridiculously pointless. if the item is on the truck and the driver has it in his route then deliver it! I don't know how many times my husband or I have been waiting for a package that said out for delivery that needed to be signed for, only to have them say nope, too early and take it back. UPS used to deliver early, even if it wasn't expected for a couple days!! now neither of them do, unless it's by mistake, which happens too.

    so sorry you didn't get your package! I know how much of a letdown it is to see that out for delivery then they take it back. At least you know it should be definite tomorrow! Can't wait to see your Brynne!!
  7. That is so stupid! If the driver was already there in front of your house...then why not walk those extra few steps and drop it off early? The driver will have to do it sooner or later.
  8. I know! I couldn't believe it. I've never heard of this happening before. I was flabbergasted... They could have gotten a lot of brownie point for delivering it, but now... I don't think I ever want the fedex truck near my house again...
  9. What??????
    That sounds so dumb!!!! The package is out for delivery but he doesn't want to deliver it? what a lazy Fedex guy!!! I would also call and talk to a supervisor about the poor manners of the people on the phone!!!
    I hope she comes tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see pics!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. I would be livid. How frustrating to have your heart set on getting it today and then have it ripped from underneath you like that! Sure, waiting one day is no big deal but it's not even like it was for a logical reason that they took it back!! Crazy!
  11. I'd be more upset about being hung up on twice. :tdown:
  12. That is so silly, complete waste of time and fuel, Fedex!!!
  13. I was livid about getting hung up on too, but I got a package from ups today and delighted in telling them how wonderful their customer service was... It was petty but it made me feel better about getting hung up on... Half of my job is spent on a call center and I wouldn't dream of treating a customer that way...
  14. Crazy! :shocked: So sorry, OP! That sucks major.

    I had a fedex package not scheduled to be delivered until tomorrow, but I can see on the tracking that it made it to my city last night and they kept it at the sort facility today and won't deliver until tomorrow. Jeez! Why?

    That is why the tracking is like a blessing and a curse!
  15. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! I had no idea they did that! Sheer craziness!I would be majorly p-o'd at fedex. Grrrrr!