Small Faye or Alma BB

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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a small crossbody bag that is light weight. I just received the small Faye in grey but is debating if I should keep it or return and get the Alma BB. I love the color and style of the Faye but is worry that it would go out of style fast. Also worry about the maintenance of the Faye due to the lighter color and the suede. I wish I can get both but my budget will only allow for one. Any input would be appreciated. Please help me decide!
  2. Have you considered the Hudson? It's one of the most comfortable crossbody bags I've ever worn and the Mini Hudson has the same amount of room as the small Faye, I have both... The Chloe bags are a totally different style than the Alma so I guess it depends on your personal taste but I love my Faye & Hudson :smile:
  3. Thanks for the advice! I did tried on the Hundson at the store but I liked the boxy shape of Faye more. I am just concern about the staying power of the Faye. Also wonder about how it will hold up with use.
  4. Everyone seems to be more concerned with the durability of the suede but I haven't had any trouble at all on the other hand the leather is a little more prone to scratches than I'd like but I love the look of the Faye as long as you don't intend to over stuff it :smile:
  5. Thanks for the info! I will probably have to put some protectant on the leather.
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