small espresso sabrina with poodle keyfob

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  1. thanks, coachies here.....I found that my taste got better since I came here......right now,I love leather purse more than signiture...haha, here is my small espresso sabrina I got last month, and I just got a poodle keyfob for it
    And I got a question....I uploaded a pic as my profile from my computer...but when I made a reply to a thread, I found there was no pic under my name...but when I got into the "my control panel", I could see my pic there....wired....:shrugs:

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  2. You have to also upload the photo to the "edit avatar" link on your control panel if you want it to appear under your name.

    Love the espresso & pink combo you have going there with your cute!
  3. The poodle is just the right accent to your purse!
  4. So cute, love the pop of the pink poodle against that gorgeous Sabrina!
  5. thank u so much for your help there...well,this is the first time I got a coach keyfob...although I have more than 10 coach purse.... I think a keyfob more than $20 is crazy....but now....I am a litthle bit crazy about keyfob...saving up my money to get more keyfobs:graucho:
  6. Love it!
  7. oh yeah.......I have my profile now....thanksssssssssssss
  8. Yay! And now you have me wanting that ladybug fob! :P
  9. Love the pink against the black and love that bag...too cute!
  10. Cute!
  11. Awww! I love brown and pink together... That looks awesome! You have great tastes
  12. Cute :smile:
  13. Cute!! :smile:
  14. The pink is a great pop of color against the espresso. That is a gorgeous color for the Sabrina too - I had one at one point, and I really didnt need two Sabrinas so I chose to keep the cranberry, but it was a tough decision! Keyfobs and scarves are awesome ways to make the bag truly "yours".