Small Ergo Hobo-too small???

  1. I LOVE the Ergos!! I finally found a style that I want every color and size in! Its my "perfect" style of a bag.:drool: I have a medium hobo and medium tote. Both are great sizes for me. I don't tend to carry a lot but like the extra room just in case. I thought for a little variety I should get a small one. My question is...How much smaller is the small hobo compared to the medium? I know the difference in dimensions but I haven't seen it in person. I'm wondering if the "small" is roomy for a small bag? What could fit inside? Does anyone have a small hobo? pictures maybe?
  2. I don't own one, but I did see them both somewhat next to each other at my local Coach store and honestly, the small seems like it wouldn't hold enough (for me, at least!)

    It didn't really seem that roomy to me, but maybe someone can prove me wrong! Just throwing in my opinion :smile:
  3. The small held plenty for me. All the essentials: wallet, cell phone, check book, etc. Only problem was that it was SO tight around my shoulder. I have all small bags and this one was just way too small for comfort. I took it back and got the medium, and I really have nothing to fill it with. It's practically empty. However, it's roomier around my shoulder and feels SO much better. As far as comfort goes, I'd stick with the medium. But if you're only concerned about it fitting enough, I think you'll be fine.
  4. Thanks LaurenAshley85 and alatrop. I didn't even think about the "under shoulder room" aspect! Thats important. You're right, the medium hobo is very comfortable under the arm. bummer...anyone with a picture?? just maybe?
  5. Hi, I've been visiting this forum for a while but never got to post but since I recently became the owner of a small Coach Ergo hobo, I thought I'd share my experience with you on this. Firstly, I'm quite small, barely 5' so I am more comfortable carrying small bags. I've been using this hobo everyday for the past three weeks and it holds all my essentials--a wallet, cell phone, checkbook, tissue holder, small bottle of sanitizer, two keys and a lot more small stuff that fit in the small zippered pocket inside. I have no problem carrying it over my shoulder although come fall/winter, this would definitely not work when I have a jacket or coat on. It is very lightweight so my shoulders don't hurt at all. And the leather is very soft, too. It's roomier than it looks, not like the Carly top handle pouch that I've seen in stores. Hope that helps.
  6. I'm an advocate of the medium without being able to fill it. I remember the posting about the shoulder drop, and that's really important. Plus, the medium is so great when I end up having to carry extra things (water bottle, book, small purchases, boyfriend's random stuff...) I guess to me the small just isn't as worth it. Just make sure the size fits all your comfort and carrying needs.
  7. Thanks Brandless and katriese831. I think I'll stick with the mediums. I had found a great deal on eBay for a small hobo and was trying to decide if the price was worth the sacrafice. Shoulder drop is very important to me. I hate when my bag fits very snug under the arm. I like a little room. Also I'm 5'10". The small might look funny. :hrmm: FYI...Coach's website has incorrect info for the shoulder drop. If you click on the small leather hobo....the description states a 9in. drop but if you click on the sig small hobo the description states 7 in. which is the correct length I'm assuming because the medium has a 9 in. drop.
    Thanks again everyone!

  8. I'm glad you've decided to stick with the medium. If you're 5'10", the small will definitely look funny--IMO at least. I'm barely 5'6" and I thought it looked okay on me but I just wasn't happy with the lack of space under my arm. I felt like the bag was jammed into my armpit all day. Plus it had a popped stitch on it when I received it so that's ultimately why I exhcanged it for the medium. I guess it was good in a way since I probably would have been wondering "what if" every time I were to wear it. I got the medium for PCE and only paid 200! The small was only 50 bucks less so I figured for the price, I might as well just allow myself the extra space and be fully happy with the purchase. Enjoy your new bag and post pictures when you get it!
  9. I love my medium leather ergo. It is almost the perfect bag. I only carry a wristlet, checkbook, cell phone, random chapstick and that's about it. Everything kinda floats in there but it slouches very nicely.
  10. I like the small. I wish that the white was pure white like the hobo.
  11. the smalls hold a ton for its size..i have it and holds everything i need and i need a lot lol
  12. I have the small patchwork ergo hobo & it is perfect for me (I'm 5'2") I can fit my checkbook, wallet, mini skinny, small bottle of lotion, a couple lip glosses, & plenty more room & it fits comfortably under my shoulder.
  13. Are you sure that's the small Ergo? The one I have is even smaller and it has no outside pocket. I believe that's medium and then there is a larger one. I'll try to post a picture later. Have to get some errands done first.
  14. ^^^That definitely looks like a medium. The smalls have no front pocket.
  15. ok ladies I was is infact the medium. In the patchwork it only comes in 2 sizes medium & large (medium doesn't say "medium" so to me it was small & large) as the leather & signature comes in all 3 sizes. thanks:smile: