Small Edith?

  1. Does anyone know if chloe will be releasing a small edith bag? It would really lend itself to a smaller size. I'm thinking it would look like a funkier younger kelly bag.
  2. Only med and large-I personally love the medium grey-Good luck...there is a MAJOR waitlist everywhere.....
  3. Jill is right. There are two sizes, and the small is called "medium" (strange logic). When I spoke to Chloe they said those were the only sizes. But you never know what they might do for another season. If you want to pre-order a medium whiskey or grey, I can give you the name of a store that is (or was a few days ago) taking paid pre-orders. My pre-order whiskey for spring has not come in yet, and they are already taking orders for the July/August delivery!
  4. I've got my fingers crossed that at some point in the future they might come out with a small edith! I was in heaven when chloe came out with the small paddy.
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