Small eBay rant

  1. So I put up a discontinued Louis Vuitton cell phone holder with orig box and dust bag and started the bidding at $99..... no reserve, no BIN.

    I get a question from an eBayer asking for my BIN price. I write back $325 plus shipping. She asks if I can add the BIN to the auction and that seh wants it before her vacation. I go and revise my auction as she seems to want to purchase it.

    Then I get an e-mail from her that she wanted it for $200!!!!! She says she never saw the e-mail that states $325 is my price.

    I was so mad. I never would have added the BIN (and racked up more eBay fees) to accomodate her. I removed the BIN and added a reserve well over $200.

    What is wrong with these people? Whay do they make double work for me and put me in a grouchy mood.....

    I am so distrustful of eBay.
  2. the same thing kind of happened to me except i was dealing with an inexperienced buyer -
    first i put up an auction and she emails me asking me for a cheaper price than what i listed. i think my auction didn't get any bidders anyway so i was willing to do so - but she wanted to have a proof of purchase so to speak so she wanted me to re-list the items so that we both can have feedback. i comply. i even tell her that i only take paypal but she said she didnt have a checking account yet or something or no credit card yet (she was still in HS) and so i told her if she wanted to pay by money order, she could run the risk of it being lost in the mail and i would not ship until i receive the money order. something happened and she said she would be able to purchase the items from me but she wanted me to post it up as BUY IT NOW (so she can have the transaction listed) and i said i would do it and i would IM her immediately after so that she can go and buy it now. the moment i do so, she disappears on me for almost a WEEK! i cant contact her and she doesnt answer my emails
    luckily soembody else saw the auction and bought the items
    in which case i emailed her back and told this person that unfortunately her items have been purchased by someone else
    and thennn she responds saying that its alright because she couldn't afford them anyway.

    She had NO intention of buying - and she made me relist items and rack up a eBay and paypal fees - i had other people interested in buying not through ebay but because i had already spoke w/ her about it i didn't wanna BACK OUT (like she did)

    i mean, i was nice about it since i DID end up selling it anyway but what a waste of my time energy and money!
  3. Yes I agree. It is annoying to have to waste time like this and rack up added eBay fees.

    It just made me very grouchy and that is not my normal state!!!

    Thanks for replying.
  4. I know a lot of people are fans of BIN, but this is just one example of why I don't do BINs on my auctions. It seems as soon as someone starts talking about one, they always lowball you. So now whenever anyone asks, I say that I don't end my auctions early in order to give everyone a chance to bid.
  5. If you don't trust that they will buy it....just don't change it. It is not worth it to get upset over a .25 cent fee.

    If someone told me they didn't have the money cause they were in highschool, I would just block them immediately, chances are they aren't even 18yrs wich is the age you have to be to sign up for ebay.
  6. I have been asked to end auctions for a buyer to bin and won't do it any longer after having been burnt a few times.
  7. I don't think any time I've agreed to add the BIN to an auction, that anyone has actually bought the item. So I won't add it anymore because it's not worth it.
  8. Don't be too down on BINs though. I'm a big fan of BINs - adding them (that's all I do with "immediate payment required" so there's no problems) and I'm also a big fan of asking for one since I hate bidding and stress.
    Usually if I've asked for a BIN, the seller and I are in communication and if the BIN price is agreed upon beforehand, then they will list it as such and I'll usually buy it within the first five seconds that they've done so! I've never NOT bought a BIN that I requested. That's just tacky.
    I've never lowballed anyone ever. I pay fairly and quickly so everyone gets what they want!!! :tup::heart:
  9. I use BIN's now because my son convinced me that I should..he was right..I sell more and usually for more money since I always make the BIN higher..Men like to shop this too, if I know I won't be around for the auction end. I just had a guy buy a blue Coach diaper bag for his wife's "push" present...LOL..I thought that was cute!
  10. Ugh how annoying!!
    I have added the BIN for people in the past and thank goodness, they've used it.
  11. I'm not sure if someone posted this yet or not because I didn't get on to reading the rest of the posts yet - I tell ppl to bid on the item for our agreed upon price and than I'll end the auction early. That way, as the seller you are still in the drivers seat. :roflmfao: