Small E/W Zippy for Winter Bag in Red or White?

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Small East/West Zippy for Winter Bag in Rouge or Blanc / White?

  1. Rouge

  2. Blanc

  3. Other white - list below

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  1. I love both colours for winter and red really POPS. Plus I'd worry about using the blanc colour, and I want to use this. It's not just a "snowy day" bag (not that a Paddy should be the go-to snowy day bag, for that I want an AWL Dooney [THAT one in white!]).

    I like this because it looks kind of like a design I made (which exists in drawing and not actual leather - lol - AS OF NOW anyway!). And I like red for that design too!

    I like this style for winter because I like the idea of having that compartment for keeping a scarf, hat and gloves in.

    Of course it doesn't need to be ONLY used then, at least not the red.

    Unfortunately, I'm moving to Florida so this is my last full winter in Boston. Next year I'll be spending all of December back home, though, at least.

    I guess the upside is that this is my last chance to fulfull this design dream until it's actually made - last chance to REALLY use it for my dream purpose you know? I think this NEEDS to be my NEXT bag purchase OVERALL!

    Yay! :yahoo:

    (Now let's hope my four auctions put up on .20c day all SELL! Ha ha. [which could possibly completely pay for this bag, but I do need to pay bills too, which means purse ban :crybaby:after that, possibly, for ONE MONTH!] [Oh no I have to get that 2nd bag in my siggy wishlist too, but it's $200 :p] [Hey I've almost gone a whole month now! It's amazing I've made it this long, since the 4th!]

    But I really should be on a general Paddy ban, but I just can't do it!!! (Even though I have so many other bags on the wishlist, aside from possibly the Dior, they're not driving me like Paddies.)

    I think I've decided on the red, then, but please do say opinions! And do tell how you like your zippies!!!

    (By the way, I miss my Paddy so I'm feeling like I want to take her to bed soon, lol. Yes, I sleep with her every night. :shame:smile:
  2. Go for the blanc, its so refreshing! *me in the summer mood now cos it's so hot here in Sydney!
    *38 deg C :push:
  3. I think all white Paddies (and cream-colored too) look amazing, much more amazing than red. So, white!
  4. I love the's a really warming colour in this cool weather...and goes fabulously with cream/white coats!:heart: :yes:
  5. I love the zippy style and love blanc!!
  6. I think zippy would look amazing in blanc... or in any cream shade :biggrin:
  7. It WOULD go fabu with my grey coat!

    Ooh, Chicky, new avatar with the Mousse! Awesome, but now I'll have to retrain my eye to see your posts. He he.

    How do white Chloes fare against staining?? I'm pretty good, actually excellent, with bags, but I really wanna USE this.