Small dilemma- wait or "settle"?

  1. Let me preface this thread by saying:
    I am not a patient person.

    I have my Birkin order all in and ready to go whenever it happens to arrive. But as some of you ma have read in my prvious posts about CDN pricing, it will cost about $1500 more than a US Birkin.
    So now my dilemma I wait it out and get the one I picked, for more money but brand new and "mine", or should I find one from a reseller that mostly matches the description of what I picked out and costs far less plus comes with much less wait time? Would I regret it, do you think?
  2. I don't think that any new Birkin from a reseller will be cheaper than what you pay in Canada from the store.
    Don't settle.
  3. WAIT! Please dont settle... you will regret it.
  4. W - A - I - T

    If it's not about price, wait till the exact bag of your dreams, your SO, comes in. Ever paid less for an item you saw on the rack or shelf, then ended up never wearing it? It wasn't a steal, it was actually wasted money!

    Good luck. It IS worth it! :yes:
  5. Thank you, Voices Of Reason (curtseys to Hermes ladies).
    One idea I was tossing around would be to buy a pre-owned one in a fun colour like Blue Jean and sell it when my SO came in. Maybe that's a good compromise? I just want one so badly, I've already planned all of my outfits and hairstyles around it:lol:
  6. A preowned in BJ will cost you the same or more as a new one from the shop as everyone's gaga about BJ.
    You should only consider selling it if you have some experience with selling those bags. I have seen very desirable Birkins sit like lead ducks for seemingly forever. And it would be bad if you didn't have the funds available if your SO came in.
  7. Because you already ordered it, it makes more sense to wait. :heart:
  8. Ahhh the age old dilemma.

    There are some cases where you can make back your money on a bag that you have carried, so if you find your willpower cracking, just remember to try to buy it right (meaning as close to retail as possible if not below retail).

    Second option...what about a Kelly to tide you over? There are some real Kelly bargains to be had sometimes, and it wouldn't feel redundant even once your SO arrives.
  9. Well, you are probably going to need more that one Birkin.........
  10. yes listen to the above voices of reason, wait wait wait, you will be so happy you did.
  11. i would wait. for me, i prefer buying from the boutique. just the whole experience. also i know 100% that it's authentic. i have heard that fakes are sooo good these days, even inexperienced resellers can't tell the difference. also, you are getting exactly what your ordered. the wait can also add to the whole enjoyment when you finally get it.
  12. Well, I'm about as patient as a gnat so I understand what you're going through. But I WILL advise to wait for your SO to come in and perhaps tide yourself over with maybe a lovely vintage Kelly? Basic black with gold will never go out of style and is the epitome of chic.......
  13. I understand how the price difference would make you feel a little nervous... there are a lot of things you could buy with the spare $1,500 *but* think of how long you've waited for this bag and how much you like it!!! If this is the bag of your dreams, why settle for less? also eta: $1,500 may sound a lot now but remember this bag is for life... even if you get rid of it in 5 years, it's only $300 extra a year!
  14. Thanks for all of the excellent advice!
    I will confess that I actually already do have a Kelly on the way...I have been keeping it under wraps until my payment plan is completed (I wanted to do the big exciting reveal on this forum of my first-ever Hermes bag). It may just happen that I end up liking it so much that I decide it's a better bag for me than a Birkin anyway...who knows? I need to test drive both styles I think, to see which is for me...which is why I thought I could play around with different colours and leathers before my SO arrives. But maybe I will just wait.

    *waves magic wand to make all memory of the imminent Kelly acquisition disappear from minds of those reading this post so I can still have my big exciting reveal thread*
  15. Tough call - I have no patience too. I can't remember if you ended up going with a bicolor or not for your first?

    I agree - Birkins, and everything Hermes, is ridiculously overpriced here, which is why I try to buy things from the US. The surcharge on some of the resellers (the more reasonably priced ones that is) is comparable to the Cdn price, esp with the 14% tax here.

    If you plan to own multiple Birkins and you have a list of what you have in mind, then I would consider getting one now. But if you only are getting one, I'd hold out.

    P.S. I think you'd be more of a Birkin gal!