** Small Diamond Stitch **

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  1. Still possible to find the Small Diamond Stitch ?? Pls let me know......:search::search:
    As I still loving her so much......:heart::heart::ty:
    small diamond stitch in black 1.jpg
  2. I think a few people have been searching for this bag with not much luck. The diamond stitch line is coming back for fall.
  3. It's coming back? I love these bags.
  4. They will be coming back, but at a higher retail, and only in black (from what I've heard, and Mon's thread) -I saw a couple ebay auctions recently, all small sized totes (as there are some ladies looking for the large) one was from PS -you can check there, just make sure you get it authenticated first! Good luck!
  5. GL in ur search for one and i think there is one on ebay which is small but black color! Still hunting for my large one...hehe