Small Darley...rosewater or black quilted?

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    I wear jeans, black leather jackets, and jean jackets all the time and I wear silver toned jewelry so I know the sensible choice is the black one but I just really appreciate this dusty rose colored bag and it's an agony...! Yeah I know the black one isn't out yet so I will have to wait a while to get it.
    Ladies, which one should I get? I haven't seen one in person yet, so if anyone has the rose color please tell me about the color transfer:heart:
  2. Well, you could always get the color you love and if it gets color transfer then dye it black:biggrin: That color will be prone to color transfer for certain, and show dirt and wear easily, so perhaps if you really love it you could choose to make it a special use bag, or not wear it crossbody and just hold it?
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  3. I’m going to vote for the sensible option - black quilted will go with your clothes and jewellery...

    Keep us posted :smile:
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  4. I recently purchased the black and it’s simply stunning. It’s a classic bag that you’ll have for years. It’s quite Chanel like too if you like that type of look. I understand why you like the rose but if I were you I’d go black and aim for the rose in the future. The black will compliment your look more if you always wear what you described. Enjoy your purchase whatever you decide on:smile:
  5. what about the burgandy ?
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  6. I’m going sensible option too rosewater is beautiful I think that perhaps you would ‘worry’ when carrying her due to the (high) possibility of colour transfer if you wardrobe is predominantly black. It’s a stunning bag and I love the silver hardware
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  7. I love the color, but I feel like it's too similar to other products in my collection, which are predominantly chocolate brown >_<
  8. Wow never thought about dyeing leather bags! That's certainly an option :smile:
  9. I think the black one!
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  11. Always meant to add the above picture of my Darley in black quilted to help you decide. Did you choose which Darley?
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  13. Your Darley looks great, I might have to go and take a look!
    Do you know how the size compares to a regular Lily?
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    thank you! The regular Lily would be slightly bigger and you could def fit more in it. It’s also more of a squishy bag compared to the black Darley I have on there. I will try and post a wee pic here of me wearing my black reg Lily in a similar crossbody way!
    I’m 5 ft 3 incase you are wondering re size of bag compared to size of me!!! He he! I’m a huge fan of the Lily but that quilted Darley is really something special x
  15. 4F8F26DA-F88F-4953-BAE6-187142565754.png The reg Lily is def a bigger bag. I’ll attach another wee shot.
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