Small Darel Bags

  1. Does anyone know if BG sells the smaller Darel bags or Ballisimo in Redondo Beach sells them? I want one of these bags but don't want the larger one, I understand there are smaller ones. The NM website has them, but they are the larger ones... Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated!

    Also, does anyone know if there is a similar bag that looks similar but is smaller?
  2. As far as I know, the smallest size that is being sold in North America is the Charlotte 24. It's not a really big bag, in real life.
  3. I recently bought a bag on, eventhough I'm from the US.
    The lady was very kind and told me the bag is a Darel 18 hour, about 2 cm smaller than the 24. I love the size and shape of the bag.

    You should do a search on "Darel Sac" on because they sell quite a few Darel bags. I emailed the seller and look at his/her feedback to see if they are willing to offer shipping to US. Be sure to do your research because there are some fakes too.

    I'll attach some pictures from the Ebay listing for you to see. I think it looks better in-person than on picture.

    darel1.jpg darel2.jpg darel3.jpg
  4. Wow, thanks ladies!