Small damages made so far while waiting for Berkeley

  1. A tiny pic of Berkeley in an Italian purse forum brought me here in March and I was just going to hang around until its release in May:nuts:..., but!!

    You all wonderful ladies and gents inspired me so much that I acquired some small and rather inexpensive pieces after two years of hiatus ~ talk about how to enjoy LV without hurting your bank account!!

    *Mandarin Epi Cles - I was simply surprised this colour was still out there.
    *Luggage Tag with Heatstamp
    *Gold Chain for the Accordion - cuurently using for my pocket watch.
    *Azur Pochette and Damier Mini Pochette - never thought I would get anything azur.
    and, the last pic is my small but happy LV family.

    Besides them, I also got the tPF secret charm, joined the wonderful summer RAOK, found a perfect gift for my friend (Tiffany twilly), and even found another brand *gasp* that I totally love, all thanks to tPF!!

    So thank you all for being there!!! As Berkeley's release is now in November, I'm sure I'll be around and make more damages;).
    epi cles sm.jpg luggag tag sm.jpg chain sm.jpg azur damier sm.jpg family sm.jpg
  2. Love your collection! Isn't tPF great :love:
  3. Love all of them, esp the epi cles in mandarin!!!!! STUNNING :nuts:
    Enjoy ur new babies:graucho:
  4. oo i love the cles..congrats!
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. Love your collection! That mandarin epi cles is so beautiful!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. love your collection (i see u're a damier fan!)...especially the damier ecllipse!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Love your collection Mid-, especially that epi mandarin cles!
  11. epi cles is so pretty and the luggage tag is niiiice
    oh I love the mandarin color:love:
  12. I love them all Mid!!! Fabulous purchases! I too have been finding myself buying small accessories to bide my time for a bag!
  13. Thank you everyone!!:flowers:

    Mandarin is definitely my fav colour in epi and it looks so good with damier, my love.
    rensky, I love your collection too, especially the belem!!

    Funny, I feel like I'm getting more items than I'm actually buying. Admiring everyone's purchases/collections sure makes me happy.:yes: And now I'm looking into Suhali...:graucho:
  14. Looks like you have quite a collection! Lookin' good!
  15. Lovely items! Congrats!