small cute gift ideas pleaseee...

  1. Im thinking about treating myself to a lil gift(what??sue me hahaha) and well im a student and i work part time,i cant afford over 300$ right now(recently got a LV pochette & a trip to Europe..)
    But i started a new job and im getting my pay for this week....and well i got a Chanel powder compact but i would myself something more...

    Anybody got ideas for me?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. earrings??
  3. I love their earrings!!!! I really want a pair
  4. I vote for earrings too, or maybe a Chanel pin/brooch? Some of Chanel costume jewlery is reasonably priced. I just bought earrings a few weeks ago for $195.
  5. or some cute sunnies! i think the mother of pearl ones are 275 or 295?
  6. oops, I posted twice.. see below.
  7. I wish they were that price, add on another 100 bucks :nogood:
  8. earrings or a necklace, or maybe a phone charm, there was a post about about recently and they were super cute.
  9. The business card holders are about $225. The are big enough to hold a license, a credit card and a few dollars. The earrings would be another good choice.
  10. The credit card holders are really cute and useful. They have several styles now. The lambskin timeless classic one is about $215, and the new Camellia one is about $240 (it comes in light grey-blue, dark grey, black, light pink). They have a nice silvertone CC on the front.

  11. CC holders are nice!
  12. perfume?
  13. I like the cc crystal necklace. I think they're around $165?
  14. A credit card holder or a necklace--both are useful and very cute!
  15. earrings vote here too, for 300 dollars you would get a gorgeous pair, or a crystal necklace with the double cc's on perhaps ?

    Have fun deciding, and let us know what you buy in the end ;)