Small cracks where the sealing is... Anyone had this happen to their bags?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I bought a used Kelly bag and :heart: her! The size is perfect and the color is gorgeous! Well, I just noticed these smalls cracks on the sides of the inside of the flap (where the black sealing is). Has anyone ever had this problem? Is it going to get worse? Can it be fixed if I brought it to Hermes?

    Your help is appreciated! :yes:
  2. Here are the pics... They didn't attach in the first post.
    Cracks 1.jpg Cracks 2.jpg Cracks 3.jpg Cracks 4.jpg
  3. The spa can fix something like that by rewaxing. I keep nicking the sealing on the top of my Birkin and it looks like that. :sad:
  4. On the day I bought one of my bags - new from the store - my SA and I spotted a little cracking in the sealed bit along the edge of the leather, similar to yours. I don't know whether the cause of the cracking is the same, but their craftsman took care of it while I waited. Took no more than 15-20 min to fix. Hopefully it will be the same for yours. Your kelly looks great otherwise - what a great color!
  5. My Kelly is not even two months old and it is doing that, too!

    Don't feel bad that it might have happened because you bought it used... mine was new from H in December and is doing the same thing!!

    I don't know why that would happen. It is on the inside. It gets no abuse whatsoever. :confused1:
  6. I had a birkin that all the wax peeled off the handles. The spa fixed it perfectly, just like new handles. it's only a wax sealant that can be redone. Not to worry!
  7. It´s just the wax. If it bothers you they can redo it!
  8. Thank you everyone! This is good to know! I was a little worried that this was not normal (even though the seller assured me that it was fine). I guess I'll ask H to fix it when I bring my Kelly in for a spa treatment whenever she needs one!
  9. Thank you! I :heart: the color, too! Surprisingly, it's very neutral!
  10. I notice the cracks on the sealing but only on my Clemence Kelly. My chevre bags seem to be fine. Does it happen more on floppy leathers?
  11. Yes, because the resin is bent more. And thus cracks. But also depends on how you store your bags. The drier the air, the faster it cracks too.
  12. The craftsman just needs to trim the edges a bit to smoothen it out, and then paint it over. I've seen this done before. The handles of my shoulder birkin got fused together due to my oversight in placing the handles against each other, and when I separated the handles, the resin broke away.
  13. Wow, good information. Thanks to all.
  14. Just take your bag into Hermes. You don't have to wait until you think it needs other treatment as well.
    When I took my Birkin in to monogrammed;they touched up my corners and they looked brand new. I was not charged for either service.
    Happy Valentines Day!
  15. So good to know that Hermes can fix such problems.

    I love how Hermes can be repaired, refurbished and even has a spa to go to.