Small crack/tear in strap, pt from

  1. I realised that the white giant pt that I bought from has a smal tear/crack on the leather strap on Saturday after I received the bag from the postman. Its about 1.5mm in diameter. Also, there are also some glue marks between the 2 gold studs on the top right hand corner. I think it came from the glue of the 2 gold studs. I immediately emailed diabro. But till now, they have not replied to my email. I want a refund, is my request unreasonable? What should I do, pls any advise?
  2. You definitely should get a refund! The bag was sent to you damaged...Diabro needs to take it back and either send you a new undamaged bag or a refund!
  3. But they refused to answer my email:crybaby: And this is my first B Bag. I should not have gotten diabro since I will not be able to inspect my purchase personally.
  4. Well, the glue is actually normal. Most bags when they are being pieced together and sewn, the artisans use glue that temporarily holds the pieces together prior to being sewn...this is, ferragamo, balenciaga, etc. And the glue will just come off simply by rubbing on it.

    Also with the email thing, please be aware that there is a time difference and sometimes they will have to look into the issue before responding. Also, it could be that their customer service team that handles issues such as yours work Mondays-Fridays. Give them time.

    Did you take a photograph of the damage and sent it to them? I would highly recommend that you do that.

    A lot of pf'ers have had extremely pleasant transactions with Diabro and I'm sure that they would be more than happy to help you resolve these issues.
  5. I emailed them 5 times with my inquiries and they never answered back. I wonder why?

    so they only email you immediately after your payment?
  6. There is an 13 hour difference between Tokyo and nyc. As I am writing this, it is 12:13 pm Monday in Tokyo. (11:13 pm Sunday in nyc). That probably accounts for the delay in response.

    Call them and ask for Steve. He speaks perfect English (with a British accent) and will be able to help you. The phone number is posted on the diabro website. I called them when i wanted to find out what they were calling Anthracite (they have their own color names and do not know the Balenciaga names. I had to have him describe the color to me over the phone. ) He was great and very helpful.

    I am sure that they will exchange the bag or give you a refund.
  7. I have never bought from them but there seems to be A LOT of bbag girls that buy from them and have been satisfied with their experience. They probably will email you or contact you on Monday. They should sent you a replacement or a refund. Don't panick, I am sure you will get this resolved, though I would feel the same :wtf:

    Good Luck!
  8. That's strange as normally they shld response the next day (esp for those in asia times)....when i ask for inquiry, i do receive response from them....:smile:
  9. White is a highly fragile color. With distressed leather, the color can appear uneven, or cracked at some places. If you can't accept it, I would recommend returning it and exchanging it for a different color. Another white might have other problems IMO.
  10. did you email them before you made your purchase? Such as asking random stuff about Balenciaga? I even mentioned that I am a serious buyer yet no response. I even registered. Sigh...maybe it depends on where you are located? They might not want to sell to third world customers.:sad:
  11. I emailed them a couple of days ago inquiring about their stock and they replied the next day.
  12. Whats their email address? I used the "Contact Us" in their website. Maybe they have another? thanks
  13. I recommend calling. They are extremely pleasant to deal with on the phone. They also have always answered my emails within what I consider to be a reasonable time frame, even when I emailed them AFTER receiving an order. (I asked for a price match once, which unfortunately they do not allow.) It is the weekend still, so please be patient and don't despair!

    There is another TPF member who contacted them about a defective bag (a Chloe I think) and was able to get a refund. That bodes well for you!

    Best of luck to you. I'm sure things will work out.